Call Centre Sound Absorption

Contact us at Floorscan if you have an issue with noise in your call centre. This is a common problem that we are often presented with.

Modern call centres with open spaces, hard wooden floors, plasterboard ceilings and walls, glass etc result in high reverberation times which is far from ideal for a busy call centre. When a number of people are on the phone in one area all at one time the noise can be unbearable.

Once we are contacted by yourselves one of our experienced acoustic engineers will visit your site to carry out a brief survey. From the information we gather we are then able to identify the reverberation time in a space. We will then specify the correct class and coverage of acoustic absorption to reduce the reverberation time to a reasonable and workable level, within the your budget constraints.

Once you, our client has accepted our quotation we are able to begin the installation contract. With many of these offices working throughout the week, we are able to work out of your hours in order not to disrupt your business.

Once the installation has been completed, we guarantee the result will be aesthetically pleasing and will create a pleasant working environment for you and your staff.

Sound Absorption Products